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Corporate Giving


Achieve your corporate social responsibilities, engage your staff and direct your corporate giving towards the issues that mean the most to your business.


Fixers offers the opportunity to engage in all levels of corporate fundraising, meeting your business and CSR objectives in a real and tangible way. Our unique approach allows the flexibility to form partnerships that will create a genuine impact in your community and beyond.



Here’s how you can support us:


Strategic Partnership

How can Fixers help you meet your business objectives? Will exposing your brand to a young audience and capturing their views benefit your business? Fixers can provide you with unique access to the views of young people today and an opportunity to engage with their real-life experiences. Together we can create a long-term partnership that will generate stand-out and sector-wide interest.


"Network Rail are looking to build partnerships within the community to help raise awareness of railway safety. We feel Fixers provides an excellent opportunity to engage young people in promoting railway safety through sharing their experiences and thoughts with each other”.

Stephanie Brizs, Safety Improvement Specialist Fatigue.



Does your business need to enhance its engagement and relationship with your younger clients and employees? Fixers can provide you with a unique way to support and empower the young people important to your business.


“By working in partnership with others we can help young people achieve their potential. We wholeheartedly support Fixers whose unique approach to helping young people tackle the issues they care about is making a real difference, not only to the lives of the young people but also to the communities around them.”

Sophie Atkinson, Group Head of Community Investment and Sustainability for Sanctuary


Project Funding

Do you have a priority geographical location (e.g. disadvantaged areas of a city) , specific issue (e.g. mental health) or a particular group of young people? (e.g. care leavers)  you want to support? Your company can fund young people’s projects in the areas that are most important to you. These can be local to where you operate your business or specific to the communities that you would like to invest in. You can also fund projects on issues that fit with your CSR objectives.

Case Study: Make My Day Better



Fixers have an array of sponsorship opportunities, from our national policy and participation campaigns to Fixers events locally. For current opportunities, contact Jeneen Thomsen on 01962 810970.


“We’re extremely proud to have been able to support Fixers throughout The Feel Happy Fix and are inspired by what these young people have achieved. Sharing their own experiences and solutions enables people to have a better understanding of what it means to be a young person living with a mental health condition. By doing this, the Fixers are not only raising awareness of mental health, but can help support those in similar circumstances. We know more needs to be done to tackle the stigma around mental health and we wish the young people well with their fixes”

Mark Hamson, Chairman of the Simplyhealth Charitable Committee.


Brand Association, Cause-Related Marketing

The Fixers brand is growing by the day and you can be a part of this exciting development. By joining us you will reach new customers, while demonstrating your commitment to a powerful movement of young people. Not only that, we guarantee that your product will look great with a Fixers logo incorporated into its design.


Employee Engagement

Supporting Fixers will show your commitment to causes that your employees believe are important. Fixers tackle all issues so there is bound to be something for everyone. Together, we will explore the opportunities for staff to meet local Fixers, and hear from them personally about the difference your support is making. Our innovative approach to employee engagement will inspire and motivate your staff to get involved.

For further information on the opportunities available, click on the links below:
Fixers Fundrasing Guide    Payroll Giving     Staff Fixers   Employee Volunteering



Your company can make a financial contribution to our work through a straightforward one-off donation, or a regular donation. You can also sign up to Easy Fundraising, which enables you to make online work purchases which benefit Fixers.

Please download  the Fixers Donation form here.


To make a donation, please send cheques to:

Fixers, Calpe House, 7A St Thomas Street, Winchester, SO23 9HE, or

make an online donation by clicking the donate button at the top of the page.

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