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Posted On: 10th Jul 2014

Helping The Homeless

Fixer Niomi Edwards
At the photo shoot for the Fixers poster
A model is photographed for the poster

After finding herself without a permanent place to live, Niomi Edwards from Anglesey wants homeless young people to ask for help.

Now living in supported housing, the 21-year-old is sharing her story to show others in a similar position the importance of talking about their issues.

‘Being in a new environment was really daunting for me at first. I felt like a fish out of water and didn’t know how to fit in,' explains Niomi.

‘But as I got used to my new accommodation, it became clear to me just how much of a lifeline it was. 

‘Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky and many wind up on the streets.

'My project is to show them that things can get better with the right support.'

With Fixers, Niomi and her team have created a poster campaign to show young homeless people where they can go for advice.


‘It's designed to make others realise that there is hope,’ she adds.

‘We feel very strongly about the topic because there are many people in North Wales who experience homelessness but don’t know where to find help.

‘Hopefully this will now change.’


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The group want to display their bilingual posters in places including local doctors’ surgeries and youth centres.

They hope it will encourage more people, who may be living on the streets, to come forward.

‘I want to thank Fixers for giving me the chance to talk about an issue which is close to my heart,’ Niomi says.

‘Homelessness is a big problem among young people and it’s only going to get worse if we sit back and do nothing about it.

‘If one person were to see our poster and get support, then that’s one less on the street.

‘These people need our help - so let’s not waste any more time.’

For more information and advice on homelessness or housing issues, visit the Get Connected website.


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Author: N. Farooq


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