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Posted On: 4th Jul 2014

Life On The Line

Fixer Alexander Stelfox
Alexander on a slackline
Alexander performing tricks on slackline

Slackline walker Alexander Stelfox is taking positive steps to show how the fringe sport can equip young people with genuine skills for the future.


Aiming to raise the activity’s profile, the 24-year-old from Huddersfield feels it can increase fitness, boost confidence and help with making new friends.


‘I’ve been slacklining for about four years and I absolutely love it,’ explains Alexander.


‘It’s a bit like tightrope walking, only the line is less taut so it feels like you’re on a narrow bouncy castle.


‘Because you have to think about so many things at once, namely balancing, it gives you unbelievable focus.


‘It allows you to be at one with yourself where nothing else matters.


‘It’s made me fitter and more self-assured and now I want others to get the same rewards.’


With Fixers, Alexander has helped create a short film explaining what slacklining is all about.


It shows how the activity offers people a chance to forget life’s worries and be in the moment.


Watch Alexander's film 'Slacklining' at the top of this page.


'It looks fantastic,’ he adds. ‘I think Fixers have captured exactly how slacklining makes us feel, which was the aim.


‘We wanted the film to have an uplifting tone to show how the activity can be exhilarating while also help to unlock your inner peace.’


Alexander wants to share his film with youth clubs to get more young people taking up the hobby.


He also plans to show it to the local authority in a bid to improve facilities for slacklining in the area.


‘One of the biggest problems we have is not enough people know about it,’ adds Alexander.


‘So the more people that give it a go, the better noticed it will become.


‘Sometimes life can present its challenges, so it’s nice to have something that makes you think everything will be okay. For me that’s slacklining.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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