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Posted On: 2nd Jul 2014

Hungry Fix on ITV News

Fixer Dale Lassey
Dale volunteering at a foodbank
Matt Cameron from the Trussel Trust Foodbank Network

Having experienced the grief of not being able to afford food, Dale Lassey wants others to remember those who have fallen on hard times.


His story was broadcast on ITV News Calendar on Thursday 10th July.


After leaving the care system at the age of 18, Dale says he was left on his own, had lots of bills to pay and couldn’t afford to eat.


The 22-year-old is now sharing his story to bring the issue of food poverty to the public’s attention.


‘The longest I went was four days without food and it felt like emptiness inside,' explains Dale.


'I had stomach ache all the time and there came a point where I just couldn’t move anymore.


‘It was soul destroying. I’d even think about eating out of bins just so I could get through the next day.


'It took me quite a while to actually accept the situation and go to a foodbank. It was the best thing I did to keep myself alive.’


With the help of Fixers, Dale has created a short film about his experiences and how crucial foodbanks can be for those who need them in difficult times.


Click here to watch Dale's Fixers film 'Food Poverty' and find out more about his campaign.


Matt Cameron from the Trussel Trust Foodbank Network features in the broadcast story explaining how this lifeline can make a huge difference.


He says: ‘It’s really important that more people know about these places because food poverty is one of the biggest issues that’s facing our society today.


‘There are stagnating wages, the cost of living has increased and we’ve seen a rise in people having problems with their benefits since the implementation of welfare reform.


‘All of these things can put people in a situation where they need a short-term supply of emergency food.’


Now a volunteer at Leeds South Foodbank, Dale hopes his campaign can aid others who are going through the same struggles he endured.


‘To have a voice and get my message out there is amazing,’ adds Dale.


‘Food poverty is a growing problem so we need to help people get the support they need.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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