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Posted On: 27th Jun 2014

Eating Disorder Demons

Fixer Chloe Faulkner
Fixer Jordan Caldwell acting in the film
Chloe (left) playing the role of a young person with an eating disorder

After developing an eating disorder to cope with being bullied as a child, Chloe Faulkner is showing that suffering in silence is not the answer.


The 21-year-old from Cookstown, County Tyrone was diagnosed with anorexia in her teens.


Now in recovery, she’s sharing her story to let others going through similar experiences know they’re not alone and with the right help, things can get better.


‘Living with an eating disorder is not like living at all,’ explains Chloe.


‘Because I was teased about my size, I’d skip meals as I felt guilty eating. It was my way of controlling the situation and being in charge.


‘I’m a lot better now and can say that the feeling of true happiness is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.


‘I want to show others that, if you’re willing to work hard, you can overcome these things.’


Chloe has teamed up with Jordan Caldwell, who also experienced anorexia as a teenager, to create a Fixers film showing what it can be like living with the condition.


The satirical piece likens the controlling aspects of eating disorders to an imaginary demon telling people what to do.


Watch 'Eating Disorder Demons' at the top of this page.


Jordan, whose story was shown on UTV Live, features in the film playing a young person dealing with food-related problems.


He says: ‘It was great working with Chloe because we both know how hard coping with anorexia can be.


‘Many people think it’s just young people being vain, but it’s not. For me it was actually like a voice in my head telling me not to eat, which we tried to show in the film.


‘It was hard reliving those old memories but I was driven by knowing the impact this campaign will have on others.’


Chloe, who also appears in the film, wants it to be shown in schools and universities.


She adds: ‘The piece it fantastic, but it’s important that we use it effectively and inspire more young people like Jordan and myself to speak about their troubles. Until this happens, things will only get worse.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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