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Posted On: 24th Jun 2014

Spotlight On Self-Harm

Fixer Tammy
Tammy with Fixers producer Kevin
A page from the Fixers booklet

Reflecting upon her own experiences, a 17-year-old from Plymouth wants to show that young people who self-harm are neither attention-seekers nor attempting suicide.


Fixer Tammy feels there are a number of misconceptions that need to be tackled.


‘I’ve chosen to work on this project because I have self-harmed in the past,’ she explains.


‘I hope to show people what it is and expose the myths surrounding it.’


With Fixers, Tammy has created a booklet to address five generalisations about self-harm that she believes are unfair.


Printed on paper designed to look like skin, the resource rejects the idea that cutting is the only way young people intentionally hurt themselves and that it's uncommon.


It also claims it’s a myth that self-harm is a trend associated with certain youth subcultures.


‘I love what Fixers has done with the booklet,’ Tammy says.


‘I know it will catch the eye of people who are affected and hopefully it will show others who know people that self-harm that they can help them overcome it.’


Read Tammy’s booklet ‘Under My Skin’ below.




Tammy is particularly keen for teachers at secondary schools and colleges to see her resource, so they can spot the symptoms and make sure that young people in need are offered help.


‘I want them to have an insight into the myths and facts,’ adds Tammy.  


‘They should have an idea of what to do, should they notice someone self-harms.’


For more information and support, visit www.selfharm.co.uk.


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After self-harming in her teens, Imogen wants to make sure others get support.

Her Fixers website shows family, friends & teachers how they can help.



Author: Emily Tolloczko


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