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Posted On: 30th May 2014

Asperger's Story on ITV

Fixer Jack Simmons
Jack talking to school pupils
Mari Seaki from the National Autistic Society

Jack Simmons, whose Asperger’s makes him perceive the world like a film, is calling ‘action’ on a campaign to help people understand the condition.


His story was broadcast on ITV Granada Reports on Thursday 5th June.


The 19-year-old from Altrincham, Cheshire was diagnosed as a child, but feels that many misunderstand the multi-faceted disorder and how it affects people.


‘I look at everyday situations differently from most individuals,’ explains Jack.


‘I see the world as a movie set. When I’m out, I think how it should be lit, where the director could be and how it may look on camera.


‘Reading body language is also a struggle for me. I can’t tell if someone’s annoyed, happy or sad, unless they’re making it really obvious. 


‘I’m working with Fixers to increase people's understanding of Asperger’s syndrome and show that sometimes all we need is a bit of extra help.’ 


For his Fix, Jack is helping to make a film to take into schools and show how people with the condition can often view things differently to others.


Supporting his campaign is Mari Seaki from the National Autistic Society, who features in the broadcast item.


She explains how the public could learn from those who have the syndrome.


‘There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what Asperger’s and autism really is,’ says Mari. 


‘I personally think it makes the world a richer, better place to have the perspectives of people with Asperger’s syndrome, their attention to detail, interests and focus.’ 


Jack adds: ‘It’s amazing to have this opportunity to help people understand what millions of others like me struggle with. Even if it just helps one person understand - that’s a success for me.’


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