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Posted On: 14th May 2014

Speaking Welsh Socially

Fixer Ted Simonds
Ted and his team's Fixers poster
The logo designed to encourage young people to speak Welsh

Keen to hear more young people speaking Welsh in everyday conversation, Ted Simonds and his team from North Wales are encouraging their peers to use the language.

The group, who are members of Conwy Youth Council, feel it’s an important part of their culture and are concerned that others their age are put off by the formal Welsh they’re taught in the classroom.

‘We think the Welsh that young people learn in schools isn’t always relevant to their day-to-day lives,’ explains 17-year-old Ted.

‘We also feel that they aren’t confident enough to utilise their language skills.

‘We would love our project to show young people that there are lots of places they can speak Welsh without the fear of getting things wrong.’

To help young people feel more comfortable communicating in Welsh, the team want to highlight locations including shops, restaurants and leisure centres where the use of the language is encouraged.

With Fixers, they have created a poster and window sticker that will be displayed by businesses backing the campaign.

They feature the bilingual slogan 'Don’t be shy - Siarad Cymraeg (Speak Welsh). Even if you’re not so good - where you see our logo, give it a go!’

The group hope this will become recognisable, helping young people to identify places where they can attempt to speak Welsh without worrying about making mistakes.

‘I love the poster and sticker designs,’ Ted says.

‘All the work and ideas we’ve had since beginning our project have been reflected in the final outcomes.

‘The Fixers team have taken our ideas and made them really eye-catching.’

The Youth Council will launch their Fixers campaign at the Conwy Festival of Youth on Saturday 17th May. They will be on the Promenade between 10am and 2pm.

Ted adds: ‘Anybody can learn to speak Welsh and take an active part in the culture and heritage of Wales.

‘We want people to find using the Welsh language fun.’

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Author: Emily Tolloczko


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