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Posted On: 9th May 2014

Caring Behind the Scenes

The group of Fixer involved in the project
Lead Fixer Becky Hammerton
Lauren McFarlane discusses her daily routine in the film

A group of young carers from Dorset, who feel their home life is something people don’t fully understand, are making their private life open to the public to encourage more support.


The eye-opening Fixers campaign is being led by Becky Hammerton, who has been a young carer for almost a decade.


The 18-year-old from Christchurch wants people to understand the tasks that are juggled when you're the main caretaker of a family, and for young carers themselves to speak out and find support.


‘Being a young carer is very stressful,’ explains Becky.


‘It is upsetting to see someone you love get worse knowing there is very little you can do medically - it’s heartbreaking.


‘I feel old before my time even though inside I am a child still. I’ve struggled and at times I’ve been very low.’


With the help of Fixers, Becky and two other young carers, Lauren McFarlane and Lauren Noding, made a candid video diary to document their daily routines.


Watch the group's Fixers film at the top of the page.


‘I hope that people look at the finished film and learn how some people struggle,’ explains Becky.


‘Young people should appreciate what they have and not take things for granted.


‘I also want teachers to see it and allow more lenience for those who are young carers. We have a lot to cope with.’


Becky hopes their campaign will reach as many groups as possible, so their message can be heard both by those needing support as well as those able to offer it.


‘I will be taking this film into a conference which will be held for head teachers and the pastoral care staff of a variety of schools across Dorset. 


‘I want to use social media to raise awareness in young people and I want other young carers to feel confident to talk about their own experiences.


'This way we can all learn about young carers and the support that we need.’


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Caring for carers - see how other Fixers are shedding light
on their challenging routines.

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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