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Posted On: 23rd Apr 2014

Stopping Horse Neglect

Fixer Jessica Rolfe
Jessica has experience of caring for horses
The message is that caring for horses is a big responsibility

Fixer Jessica Rolfe has taken the reins in a campaign to protect horses from harm.

The 17-year-old from Maryburgh in the Scottish Highlands feels many end up being neglected because people underestimate the effort and cost involved in looking after them.

‘I had a horse on loan when I was 14,’ explains Jessica.

‘We went on pony camps and she was perfect.

‘But I began to have less time to look after her during my exams so gave her back to her owner.

‘It can be every girl's dream to have their own horse but it’s important to make sure you fully understand the dedication it requires. This is what my campaign is about.’

With the help of Fixers, Jessica has created a poster to show how much keeping a horse can cost each month, as well as highlighting what could happen if the animals don’t receive adequate care.

‘The poster looks great,’ she adds.

‘I’ve been a volunteer at Horses in Clover Animal Sanctuary and have seen horses experience neglect after changes in their owner’s circumstances. It’s really sad.


‘My aim is to raise awareness and keep more animals from being hurt.’

Click on the image below to enlarge Jessica's Fixers poster.




Jessica is sending her posters to veterinary surgeries in the area so more young people understand the rigours of caring for a horse.

‘I have a passion for these animals so seeing them mistreated really hurts me,’ she says.

'Many people think it’s just about buying one and that’s that.

‘Hopefully my campaign will show there’s a huge responsibility that goes with it.'


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