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Posted On: 11th Apr 2014

A Creative Look At Mental Health

Fixer Naomi
Creativity helped Naomi with her recovery
An illustration from the Fixers book

Finding it a challenge to talk about her anorexia and depression, Naomi tried expressing her feelings creatively and is now hoping to inspire others with mental health conditions to do the same.

The 20-year-old from Nottingham wants to show people with such issues, and healthcare professionals, the benefits of communicating through short stories, poems and artwork.


‘For nine years I struggled with my own mental health. I found it really hard to speak about and to understand my experiences,’ Naomi says.


‘Creativity really helped me in terms of my recovery and I wanted to share how powerful it can be.’


For her Fixers project Naomi asked other young people to share their experiences of mental health in a creative way.


The resulting stories, poems, song lyrics and illustrations have been compiled into an anthology and given the title ‘Inside & Out of My Mind’.


Pieces of work with the headings 'Lost' and 'There’s a Monster in my Room' make way for 'The Path to Recovery’ and ‘Recovery Poem’.


The collection also provides useful links to organisations that support young people with a mental health condition.   


Read Naomi's booklet below.



‘I wanted to create something different,’ Naomi explains.


‘A lot of the information relating to mental health that I’d looked at was very wordy and clinical, and I found it hard to relate to.’


Naomi hopes her book will increase public awareness and will serve to remind young people with such conditions that they aren’t alone.


She’s hoping to share it via organisations and professionals, including therapists and mental health nurses.


‘It was really, really exciting to see the book come together,’ Naomi adds.


‘When I saw a copy, I had a smile I couldn’t get rid of!


‘I hope it will be educational and will raise awareness of the positives of creativity when it comes to mental health.


‘I want to show that there are more ways of talking than just with words.’


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‘Art is therapy, a cure for stress, a scribbly escape when life is a mess.’
Another Fixer draws attention to art and mental health.



Author: Emily Tolloczko


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