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Posted On: 8th Apr 2014

Depending on Disability Benefits

Fixer Nadia Clarke
Paul Holland also features in the Fixers film
Nadia using her communication aid

Highlighting the importance of disability benefits, Nadia Clarke (21) is leading a campaign to make the public and policy-makers recognise that reductions to funding could prevent many like her from leading fulfilling lives.


The Halifax Fixer, who has severe cerebral palsy, says her financial support decreased after a recent reassessment, leaving her with significantly less than she requires for her daily care.


Unable to walk, profoundly deaf and relying on a communication aid to speak, Nadia is concerned that without adequate assistance she won’t be able to live her life.


‘I do sometimes worry about my future because I have the same dreams and goals as any other young person,’ she says. ‘But without support, it would be difficult to achieve them.


‘People with disabilities should be helped to live independent lives, like everyone else. This is what my campaign is about.’


With the help of Fixers, Nadia has created a film that provides a candid look at how funding decreases can negatively impact those with disabilities and their families.


Using her personal story and that of Paul Holland – a young man whose benefits have also been significantly reduced – the film sheds light on the challenges they face without this support.


Watch 'Nadia & Paul's Story' at the top of this page.


‘I wanted to give a real insight into disabled people’s lives and show how their existing struggle can be made doubly difficult without proper help,’ Nadia explains.


‘I know I’m not alone, so I thought showing another person’s story was important for achieving some change.’


Nadia plans to send her film to local MPs and councillors, aiming to get her campaign noticed nationally.


‘This is a subject that’s really close to my heart, so getting the message out to as many people as possible is the plan,’ she explains.


‘I urge everyone to support our campaign and help improve the lives of others.  We are all the same; but without each other, we have nothing.’ 


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See the clever poster campaign created by Kent Fixers, encouraging more acceptance and understanding of those with disabilities.


Author: N. Farooq


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