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Posted On: 12th Feb 2014

Crime Has Consequences

Fixer Josh Richards
The Fixers film title image
A graphic from the Fixers film

A Fixer, who’s described his time in prison as wasted years that he’ll never get back, has helped create a film to stop others making the mistakes he did.


Twenty-five-year-old Josh Richards from Southampton wants young people to understand the long-term consequences of having a criminal record.


He appears in the film to give an insight into life behind bars.


‘I wanted to do this Fix to raise awareness of what it feels like to be in jail,’ Josh says.


‘I’m passionate about this because I’ve been there twice and know how it is to have your freedom taken away – and also how it feels for those you leave behind.’


Clips of Josh telling his story are interspersed with stark comic-book style images in the Fixers film.


The graphics represent some of the harsh realities of being in prison, for example, feeling suffocated.


In his monologue Josh also addresses the struggles that young people with convictions can face when they leave jail, mentioning the difficulty he had finding work.


He explains that it’s a misconception that going to prison gains you respect among your friends, saying that instead it separates you from your loved ones.


‘I’m hoping my film will make young people who are offending think about what they’re doing before it’s too late,’ Josh adds.


As well as plans to screen his film at an event in March, Josh wants it shown at community youth clubs and hopes it will also be used by agencies that work with young offenders.


‘I love the film. It’s been done in a different way that stands out,’ he says.


‘It grabs the attention of those watching.’


You can see the film ‘No Going Back’ at the top of this page.

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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