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Posted On: 3rd Feb 2014

Pedestrian Safety Fix on UTV

Fixer Ursula Campbell
Fixer Ursula crossing the road with the group
Jackson Minford from the Roads Service

A team of Fixers from Ballymoney hope their suggestion for making traffic junctions safer for disabled pedestrians gets the green light.


Their story was broadcast on UTV Live on Thursday 6th February.


Ursula Campbell is part of a group of people with learning difficulties, who are asking the local Roads Service to improve the traffic light system at a busy intersection they use to get into town.


They feel an audible beeping signal would make it easier for those with visual and sensory impairments to negotiate the congested crossing.


‘Sometimes it can be quite nerve-racking if it’s really busy,’ explains Ursula.


‘Some of our users have difficulties because they are partially sighted and colour blind so they can’t tell the difference between the red and green men. Someone could get run over.’


Tina Campbell from the Royal National Institute of Blind People features in the broadcast story, explaining: 


‘It is a very big issue, very scary and very daunting. Just imagine yourself being blindfolded and having to work out where the safest place to cross over is. It’s scary.’


Also appearing in the broadcast piece is Jackson Minford from the Roads Service


He meets with the Fixers and explains that although the crossing is considered to be safe, he would be happy to look into other possible solutions to make it easier to use for people with disabilities.


Stressing the importance of their campaign, Ursula adds: ‘For my friends that are partially sighted, it would make a difference because they would be able to go up the street independently and do all the normal things that people take for granted. 


‘I hope that the Roads Service listen. It would make a huge difference to all our lives.’

Author: N. Farooq


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