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Posted On: 23rd Jan 2014

Disability Awareness

The group work on their Fixers project
An image from one of the Fixers posters
Lead Fixer Holly Pace

A team of Fixers from Kent, tired of being ignored, stared at and interrupted, have helped create a poster campaign urging people not to treat those with disabilities differently. 


The group from Orpington all have learning disabilities and some of them use wheelchairs.


Led by 26-year-old* Holly Pace, their message is treat disabled people as you would want to be treated.

‘I feel like people aren’t aware of disabilities,’ says Holly.

‘So, we wanted to change that. I don’t think people understand what it’s like to be disabled.’

Each member of the group has had negative experiences which they believe to be as a result of able-bodied people being ignorant of their disabilities.

Holly feels most strongly about being interrupted. She wants others to understand that they need to be patient, giving her the time she needs to say what she wants to say.

With the help of Fixers, the group have created three posters. They show members of the team doing something they enjoy, like listening to music or painting.

They’re designed to get across the message that those with disabilities are just like those without.

‘The posters show what we like to do and what makes us happy,’ Holly adds.

‘They show that we are not different from everyone else.’

The posters will be displayed in Orpington, at locations including The Walnuts Shopping Centre.

‘I think the posters will work and will make people aware of disabilities,’ says Holly.

‘I hope they will understand more about what it’s like to have a disability and change the way people act around us and treat us.

‘Hopefully people will be nicer and more helpful.’

This Fixers project was supported by Sanctuary Supported Living.

*Fixers sometimes go beyond the 16-25 year age bracket while working on their Fix. 


Click on the images below to see the full scale versions of the posters.










Author: Emily Tolloczko


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