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Posted On: 22nd Jan 2014

Lose the Labels

Fixer Lizzie Clark
The section of the group's poster
Lizzie Clark holding a Fixers flyer

A group of Cumbernauld Fixers, who are tired of being labelled as troublemakers, hope their poster campaign redresses negative youth stereotypes.


Worried that older members of the community don’t trust them, 18-year-old Lizzie Clark and her team want to show that not all teenagers are bad.


‘We feel that other people our age are looked down on. If you’re wearing a hoody, people automatically assume you’re up to no good,’ she says.


‘It makes you feel worthless and unwanted. Often it’s the way some people look at you or a subtle comment here or there. It’s not much, but it still hurts.


‘Of course there’re a few bad eggs in every community, but it’s unfair to paint everyone with the same brush. This is what our campaign aims to change.’


The group hope their innovative poster, titled 'Lose the Labels', will stop people from pigeonholing youth based on preconceived ideas.


‘We’re really happy with how it's turned out,’ says Lizzie. 'The aim was to stop others judging a book by its cover, which I think comes across beautifully.


‘People don’t belong in boxes based on how they look. We just want a chance to show we’re worth something.’


The Fixers want Cumbernauld’s older residents to see their posters, but are also targeting other youths, who they feel accept society’s judgements too easily.


The plan is to distribute them around schools and libraries in the local area.


‘While it’s important that our campaign reaches those who stereotype us in the first place, we also think engaging others our age is just as crucial in moving forward,’ explains Lizzie.


‘It’s all about community cohesion and respecting one another, which is what we’re trying to accomplish.’


This Fixers project was supported by Sanctuary Scotland.


Click the image below to see a full scale version of the poster:



Author: N. Farooq


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