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Posted On: 16th Jan 2014

Love For Literature

Fixer Emma-Louise Marriott
Emma-Louise in one of her workshops
Emma-Louise's Fixers anthology

After delving into children’s imaginations to promote reading and writing, a Fixer is sharing tales of magical ukuleles and shape-shifting games controllers.


With the help of Fixers, Emma-Louise Marriott (21) from Plymouth, held creative writing workshops in local schools and has now compiled an anthology of the pupils’ work.


‘I wanted to do this Fix because it seems fewer people – children in particular – are reading books these days,’ she says.


‘I was read to all the time as a child and have carried that passion for reading through to adulthood.


‘I was sad to see a love of literature dwindling.


'I’ve noticed that the ability to read and write are in direct correlation so I wanted to try and do something that would encourage enthusiasm for both.’


During the workshops the children were shown a number of objects – a teddy bear named November, a top hat, a ukulele and an Xbox controller – to inspire their written pieces.


The results have been printed in a booklet titled ‘Hooked on Books’ and will be distributed to local schools and libraries.


‘November’s incredibly sparkly nose has a secret brain of its own and won The Weakest Link,’ writes school pupil Rebecca Whitfield.


Naomi Foster’s paragraph describes a magical ukulele that can ‘open a portal to Canada,’ but only by someone ‘playing the right notes and singing “Poker Face”.’


‘The children’s imaginations were the best part of the experience,’ says Emma-Louise.


‘They were so enthusiastic and uninhibited by the time they warmed up – there’s something so special about a child’s imagination!’


Emma-Louise hopes the anthology will be read by the children who contributed to it, others in their age group, parents and teachers.


She’d like to see it encourage projects of a similar nature in other schools to ensure that children’s enthusiasm for reading and writing isn’t lost as they grow older.


‘I hope the anthology gives the children a sense of achievement since it is as much their work as it is mine,’ she says.


‘I hope that it shows them that creativity has its merit and place in the world - as does literature.'


Read Emma-Louise’s anthology ‘Hooked on Books’ below.



Author: Emily Tolloczko


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