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Posted On: 25th Nov 2013

Building A Life With BPD

Fixer Steph
Steph's e-booklet
A page from Steph's e-booklet

When a Fixer from Burnham-On-Sea in Somerset was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder five years ago, she was left frustrated by the lack of information available to her. 


With the help of Fixers, Steph McCrudden (22) has created an e-booklet to help others adjust to life with the condition.


‘I find it a real struggle, my BPD, but I’m lucky because I’ve been able to do this project and have such a supportive network around me,’ says Steph.


‘I want to help others accept that, yes, you have got BPD but you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It can’t stop you having a life.’

In her e-booklet Steph tells her story and offers information on the symptoms of BPD and the future those with the condition face.  It also includes the perspective of a friend of someone with BPD.

‘I think the e-booklet has turned out a lot better than I had planned or envisioned – Fixers' creative team have done a great job,’ says Steph.

‘My friends and my partner think it’s brilliant. It’s easy to read and understand and that was my aim.’

Steph wants as many young people with BPD as possible to see her e-booklet and is hoping mental health charities will help her spread the word.  Mindfull have already published a link to the e-booklet on their website. 

‘I hope to reach young people and their families so they can adjust and I can support them.


‘When I was diagnosed my family and I had no help or support and this is what gave me the spirit to complete this project.’


Read Steph’s e-booklet, ‘BPD and Me: A Young Person’s Guide To Borderline Personality Disorder’ below.



Author: Emily Tolloczko


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