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Posted On: 20th Jun 2010

Travellers' Rights Fix on ITV

Fixer Eadie McCarthy
Eadie watches her Fixer film
Sally from The Dorset Traveller Education and Support Service

Fixer Eadie McCarthy (17) from Dorset hopes creating a documentary-style film about her day-to-day life as a new age traveller will help ease the prejudice she feels she and her family can face.


Her story was broadcast on ITV News West Country (W) in 2010.


‘I have been a traveller my whole life. I was born in a caravan,’ details Eadie.


‘We come up against a lot of prejudice, and traveller children can get bullied because people just don’t know anything about us.


'My parents have stayed around this area so I can go to school and get a really good education, but people generally have quite a bad view on us.’


New age traveller is a term for those who took to the road in the 1970s as a form of rejecting society’s ‘normal’ way of living. Today, these people are now parents or even grandparents to children like Eadie.


Members of the public interviewed during the broadcast piece display the negative perception some hold, saying that they feel travellers make a mess and wreck things, or don’t offer anything to the community.


Eadie hopes to dispel these attitudes with a film detailing her everyday tasks.


‘I hope my project will make a difference to the way that people view travellers. It’ll make them see that we’re just normal people, and that there is no need to be afraid or to hate us for no reason.’


A member of the Dorset Traveller Education and Support Service appears in Eadie’s broadcast piece to support her campaign, saying:  


‘I think it will be great for youngsters to see you going about your daily routine, and I think that’ll break down some of the myths and the misconceptions that are out there about what new age travellers are like.’


You can watch Eadie’s Fixers film below.


Author: Cara Laithwaite


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