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Posted On: 4th Nov 2013

Dyspraxia Support Fix on ITV

Fixer Jessica Starns
Work on the book gets underway
Rosaline Van De Weyer from Dyspraxia UK

A 23-year-old from Slough is creating a book with the help of Fixers to encourage people who have dyspraxia to set up their own support groups.


Fixer Jessica Starns, who has the disorder herself, hopes her project will help young dyspraxics cope with day-to-day activities.


Her story was  broadcast on ITV News London on 7th November.


‘I wanted to do this to help others and also to help myself,’ explains Jessica.


‘I couldn’t find anything for young dyspraxics to help them with things such as cooking, keeping fit or other daily life skills.­­


‘These are things that dyspraxic people can struggle with but I feel like there is no support in place to help them.’


Rosaline Van De Weyer from Dyspraxia UK appears in the broadcast piece to offer further information.


‘Dyspraxia is a complex neurological condition,' explains Rosaline.


'It’s present from birth and it causes motor co-ordination difficulties, spatial awareness problems and also sensory sensitivities. In adulthood, often planning and organisation can present real challenges.’


Contributors to the book are from a diverse group ranging from an IT professional to a beauty student, brought together to discuss their personal experiences with the disorder.


‘Since I started writing about dyspraxia and meeting other people with it, I’ve become so much more confident in myself,’ explains contributor Maxine Frances Roper, who works as a freelance journalist.


Jessica is hopeful that in the future her book, which also includes case studies and interviews, will bring even more groups of people together.


‘I hope this will let young people with dyspraxia know that there are other people in the same situation as them, and that they can come together to create support groups in their area to share their skills and knowledge.’

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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