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Posted On: 2nd Oct 2013

Gang Struggles Fix on ITV

Fixer Temi Mwale
A scene from the broadcast piece for ITV London
Temi speaking with local youth workers

A London Fixer wants to challenge what she feels are the misconceptions surrounding gang culture and the ‘type’ of people that may become mixed up in gangs.


Her story was shown on ITV News London on Thursday 3rd October.


Temi Mwale (17) grew up in one of the biggest council estates in Barnet, and saw first hand the effects of drug culture and gang culture.


‘Too many people think those who join gangs or get involved in drug culture only do so for the materialism,’ says Temi.


‘For me, it’s really common to meet people who don’t actually see that there are other options apart from selling drugs, especially if you’re from an area where a lot of people do it.’  


Her view is supported by teenagers 'Alex' and 'Jim' - not their real names - who feature in the broadcast.


‘Because it’s going on so regularly and a lot of young people are doing it, it seems like a normal thing for people to do,’ says Jim on drug dealing.  


Alex adds: ‘A lot of people around me were selling weed, so I started selling weed.


‘I got hit around the head with a golf club. I was knocked unconscious. The year before I was bottled in the face.


‘It’s not worth it. I’m trying to influence my friends before something serious happens.’


With the help of Fixers, Temi has created a film, which she hopes will be shown in youth clubs and schools. She would also like to see it used by the local council to raise awareness of the issues associated with gang culture.


Temi says: ‘I really do feel more needs to be done about the issue because people are losing their lives and that is serious.'

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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