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Posted On: 7th Oct 2013

Discussing Eating Disorders

Fixers Jane (right) with Erin
Fixer Erin

A group of Fixers from Newcastle, who’ve all struggled with eating disorders, have helped create a presentation to educate young people about such conditions. 


Fixers Jane O’Mahoney and Erin Ruddick (both 22) aim to spark a debate among youth who may not know how serious an eating disorder can be.


The presentation, which the duo hope to make available to teachers and students, looks at body image, gives insight into eating disorders and provides information on how people with such conditions can get help.


Erin hopes their Fixers project will create better awareness and understanding of eating disorders, so people see beyond the physical aspects of these illnesses to consider the psychological aspects as well.


‘It would make me happy if people didn’t look at someone who’s really thin walking down the street and think “she needs a couple of pies”.


‘It would show that people understood the mental health message behind it.


‘I think the main aim is to show people having an eating disorder is a mental condition and not simply because you want to look like the skinny models do.’


Erin adds she's passionate about their Fixers campaign and helping others better understand eating disorders, because she's been through it herself.


‘Although I’m much better now, I can’t help but think I can’t get those ten years of my life back where I wasn’t right. If there was more support and information for me at the time, I don’t think I would have gone down the same road.’

Watch their presentation above, which includes interviews with Erin and Jane. For copies of the presentation, please contact us at talk2me@fixers.org.uk.



Author: N. Farooq


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