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Posted On: 10th Oct 2010

Serious About Motherhood

A poster shows a mum educating her children
A young mum in the past compared to a young mum of today
A campaign poster showing a young family

A 21-year-old mother from Maidstone is campaigning for people to respect young mums. She and a group of other Fixers started a poster campaign to tackle stereotypes people may have had.


‘It’s quite hard sometimes to be a young mum, especially when people look down on you,’ says Jade.


‘It’s not a subtle thing. It’s quite in-your-face, but it’s also hard when you see young parents walking around with cans of beer in their hand with their babies. They’re the ones giving the rest of us a bad name.'


Each mother was photographed in a different scenario for the posters, such as providing their baby a healthy meal or teaching their children good manners. One poster calls into question why public attitude have changed towards young mothers, when it was considered socially acceptable in the not so distant past.


The posters were put up in various buildings around Maidstone, including hostels, the council, and the support centre Connexions.


‘When we gave the posters to the people helping us to put them up, they said they were so good. I’ve had all positive responses,’ says Jade.


Jade has been impressed by the positive feedback, and has already seen signs of change thanks to her campaign, particularly among other young parents who have been inspired to try and break the stereotype themselves.


‘I want people not to look badly at teenage parents. They’re not just teenage parents, they’re also something else. The girls and I want to change the stereotypes by showing who we really are.’


Author: Cara Laithwaite


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