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Posted On: 7th Feb 2010

Staying Sober Fix on ITV

Sophie goes on patrol with local police
Sophie asks other young people about binge drinking
A promotional poster for a pub

Fixer Sophie Atkinson (23) from Salford wants to tackle the pressures that she feels exist for students to drink alcohol.


With Fixers, she set local students a challenge: to stay completely sober on a night out.


Watch her story, which was shown on ITV Granada Reports in February 2010, above.


‘Everywhere you turn there are adverts for alcohol, "three shots for the price of one", "a pound a pint". The message we’re getting is just drink, drink, drink,' says Sophie on the inspiration behind her campaign.


For her Fixers project, Sophie is filming a social experiment, in which she will see how hard a group of students find it to stay totally sober on a night out.


‘I just think alcohol’s not needed and we can have fun without it. From doing this, I want to show people that you can have a good time without drink and it shouldn’t be the main focus of socialising.'


As research for her Fix, Sophie was able to go out on patrol with the police during a busy night in Manchester, seeing first-hand the effects of binge drinking.


One of the officers on patrol with Sophie commented, ‘The main issue really is that people are unaware of their own safety, so individuals can come into contact with assaults, lose their property or become lost and vulnerable. They also could become offenders themselves.'


Sophie says on her ultimate aim, ‘I want to make responsible drinking as popular as binge drinking. I want to try and make a change and feel more confident in myself to stand up and say “I don’t want to drink”.'

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Watch Sophie's Fixers film 'Secretly Sober' below.



Author: Cara Laithwaite


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