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Posted On: 25th Jul 2013

A-Z of Autism

Fixer Lewis Beeston
Fixer doing drawings for booklet
An example of words related to autism

Concerned that too many autistic young people are misunderstood for being rude or badly behaved, a group of Fixers have prepared their own version of the ABCs to help schools better recognise the signs.


With the help of Fixers, Lewis Beeston (17) and his group are creating the ‘A-Z of Autism’ booklet for teachers and pupils, with every letter of the alphabet relating to a word in the autistic spectrum.


The resource will also include information provided by the North East Autism Society as well as statements from young people, providing insight into how they are affected by each term.


Lewis, from North Wingate, hopes the booklet will raise awareness about autism, so schools and students are better equipped to distinguish and deal with such disorders.


‘I don’t think many understand how vast and diverse the autistic spectrum is,’ the Fixer explains.


‘I want people to better recognise the behaviour of those who are on the mild side of the autistic spectrum and that it doesn’t get misconstrued with insolence in school.


‘This is the aim of our Fixers project, to explain how people have autism.’


Lewis, who says living with autism can have its challenges, first noticed signs of the disorder in himself at the age of seven.

‘I wasn’t really sure what it was at the time,’ he says. ‘I find certain social situations difficult to handle.


‘I would prefer to be considered normal and fit in, but I also want to be accepted for who I am.


‘It’s a diverse world, so you’re not going to get accepted by everyone. But the more we do to raise awareness about autism, the better people would understand it.'


Author: N. Farooq


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