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Posted On: 22nd Aug 2013

Who Benefits?

Fixer Nadia Clarke

A severely disabled teenager is creating a Fixers documentary to show decision-makers that changes to disability benefits have real-life consequences on the people receiving them.


Fixer Nadia Clarke, who is a wheelchair user and relies on a computer to talk, hopes to use her film to lobby Councillors and MPs for better support of people with disabilities.


‘I’m not alone. Disabled people like me need opportunities for independence,’ Nadia says.


‘People’s basic human rights are being affected here. It feels as if disabled people have been forgotten.’


The 21-year-old from Halifax says public funding allows people with disabilities, like herself, to be able to leave their home. In her case, the disability allowance has subsidised her wheelchair, without which she could not be mobile, and an aide, who assists her during outings.


Nadia says many people receiving these benefits are concerned by the recent changes to the payment policy by the government, which will include new face-to-face assessments with regular reviews to determine the amount claimants receive.


Her Fixers film will feature real-life stories of people with disabilities, providing a candid look at why funding is so critical for people with disabilities.


‘Lots of disabled people are struggling out there and something needs to be done about it.


‘We want to let the government know how we feel - having to be put through an assessment again is stressful.


‘I’m working with Fixers to hopefully show MPs and Councillors exactly what these changes mean for people like myself.’


Click here for more information on disability-related financial support.


Author: N. Farooq


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