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Posted On: 10th Jul 2013

Seeing Life's Details

Fixers (left to right) Rosie, Jade, Charles and Tom
A photo by Jade displayed at the exhibition
Charles with his photos at the exhibition

A Fixer has helped a group of visually impaired students offer a glimpse into how they see the world through a photographic exhibition.


Photography student, Jade Clemens, who doesn’t have a visual impairment, mentored the group and assisted them to produce the series of insightful photographs.


The exhibition was unveiled at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford on 28th June 2013.


RNC students, Rosie Howell (24), Tomas Gullick (17) and Charles Bcoch (19) took the images themselves but were supported by the 22-year-old.


Jade also had some of her own work shown at the exhibition, called ‘Perceptions’, and says the project has changed her outlook on life.


‘I wanted to show people how those with a visual impairment see the world,’ says the Hereford College of Arts (HCA) student.


‘The exhibition went really well. Working with these students was very rewarding and has allowed me to be more confident - giving me an insight into the visual challenges these people face every day.’


Each of the RNC students, who all have different levels of vision, had 4 to 5 photographic pieces on display.


Tomas says he found the project has allowed him to see things in detail, which he can’t do without looking through a lens.


‘I chose to create images that are abstract and not often seen by the naked eye,’ he explains.


‘I found it fascinating as it has allowed me to look closer at detail which I am unable to see without my camera.’


Fellow Fixer Rosie's vision has been deteriorating since she was 14, which will eventually lead to complete visual impairment.


‘I had to learn how to use visual aids so that I could carry out day-to-day tasks,’ she says.


‘My images are a mix of things like braille and using a cane, with landscapes that have been edited to be blurry, just like how I see the world.


‘It has been great because it allows us to express ourselves and communicate in a way that most people would think we couldn’t do.’


Since the unveiling, the 'Perceptions' exhibition has been on display at various galleries but will be eventually moved to the Hereford College of Arts.


To see some of the Fixers' photos from the exhibition, scroll below.


Click here to see the entire catalogue of photos shown at the 'Perceptions' exhibition.




A Photo by Fixer Rosie Howell




A Photo by Fixer Tomas Gullick




 A Photo By Fixer Charles Bcoch



Author: N. Farooq


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