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Posted On: 1st Jul 2013

Different Cultures Fix on ITV

Fixers Danielle Leet and Liam Carrasco-Minto
The group hope to organise a multi-cultural festival
Fixers talking to victim of racism

The North East is one of the least diverse areas in the UK with 94 per-cent of the population identified as ‘White British' - eight per-cent higher than the national average.


But a group of young people from North Shields are confronting this lack of diversity through a community event.


Watch their story, which was featured on ITV News Tyne Tees on Wednesday 10th July, above.


Lead Fixers Danielle Leet (18) and Liam Carrasco-Minto (17) say they have faced intolerance because of their background or ethnicity. Danielle was born in Germany, and Liam is half Spanish.


Danielle says she has been called a Nazi, while Liam has been bullied because of his Spanish blood.


‘I was born in Germany because my dad was in the army and we moved around a lot. When I’d tell anybody I would immediately get that I’m a Nazi,’ says Danielle.


‘Even if I explained really hard, they just would not listen.'


The group are working with Fixers to stage a multi-cultural festival with the aim of bringing people together from different backgrounds.


In their broadcast piece, the pair visit a victim of racism who says this sort of discrimination based on ethnicity has changed over the years.


Speaking on the issue, Fabrisse Pikondo says: ‘Racism comes in many different forms, it’s beyond skin colour now.


‘We’re growing up in a world where we are not teaching unity. Different colour same pain.’


Author: N. Farooq


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