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Posted On: 12th Jun 2013

Take a Walk in My Shoes

One of the anti-homophobic bullying posters
Fixer Schuylar (left) and Sarah (right)
Another poster from the anti-homophobic bullying series

Two Fixers from Norwich are launching a hard-hitting poster campaign, which turns the tables on homophobic bullying by showing it from a heterosexual perspective.


Sarah Marchant (24) and Schuylar Kerkhoff-Harvey (17) have both experienced homophobic abuse throughout their lives, but hope the poster campaign will make people realise that it is wrong to bully someone because of their sexuality.


Instead of showing victims from the LGBT community, their poster campaign – entitled ‘Take a Walk in My Shoes’ – presents heterosexual people being subjected to abuse based on their sexuality.


The posters will be displayed in schools and youth clubs in the Norwich area, and will be featured at Norwich’s Gay Pride event, where Sarah and Schuylar will also run a “gay booth” where attendees will be able to hear the type of verbal abuse the Fixers have experienced.


‘Ultimately being gay does not change a person,’ says Sarah.


‘The only difference is who you are attracted to. The bullying from others makes you feel as if something is wrong for being a gay, and that you should somehow be embarrassed about your sexuality.


‘But people who are gay are not different or weird, and they should not be made to feel like they are outcasts or any less worthy than anyone else.


‘Gay people across the country are victims of homophobic bullying every day, but we hope through these posters that we can educate others on what homophobic abuse is, and why it needs to stop.’



You can view the posters below. Click the image to open the full-size file.














Author: Ashley Scrace


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