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Posted On: 4th Jun 2013

Promoting Libraries on ITV

Hilary (left) and Vicky (right) standing outside Bookham Library
Vicky (left) and Hilary (right) hosting their workshop
Children's author Dave Shelton

Two Fixers, determined to celebrate the benefits of libraries, are working with Fixers to encourage children to become interested in books, reading, and writing.


Fixers Hilary Chittenden and Vicky Foster (both 24) are concerned by the increasing number of libraries being closed down, and think a lot of people are unaware of the services they offer.


Both Fixers have fond memories of their local library during their childhood. Hilary explains: ‘I don’t remember ever not going to libraries.


'My mum bought me a "library kit" when I was six or seven, which I think just goes to show how important a part they played in my childhood.’


Vicky also remembers libraries fondly and was a regular visitor: ‘Every Saturday morning I would go with my family to get books out for a week. It was always the start of my weekend.’


Through a series of creative writing workshops held at libraries across their area, Hilary and Vicky hope to encourage younger generations to utilise their libraries.


‘We want people to use them for all sorts of different things,’ explains Hilary. ‘They can be used for activities, as a social hub, and as a community hub.


‘The project is really just encouraging people to see the spaces in a slightly different way.’


In the film, the pair meet with pupils from Dawnay Primary School at their local library in Bookham, Surrey, to get them thinking about storytelling, and how a library encourages creativity through words.


Hilary and Vicky also talk to Gail Hard, Head Teacher at Dawnay Primary School, and children’s author Dave Shelton about the importance of libraries.


Dave says: ‘Libraries and librarians are a fantastic resource, which are horribly undervalued at the moment. Anything that gets people, especially children, to be reminded how wonderful they are is very important.’

Author: Ashley Scrace


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