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Posted On: 28th May 2013

'YOLO' Film Complete

One of the clips from the film
Fixers Dominic (left) and Michelle (right)
A picture of how smoking affects your lungs

A group of Fixers are questioning the throwaway ‘you only live once’ (YOLO) attitude of young people through a unique puppet film.


The ‘YOLO’ film focuses particularly on smoking, and how young people seem to not know the effects smoking can have on their health.


Fixers Michelle Tiley (17) and Dominic Pimlott (16) were inspired to do the project after seeing young people they know start smoking underage.


They both work with the Bexleyheath Youth Council to mentor young people and were shocked at the amount of secondary school pupils they deal with who had turned to smoking due to peer pressure.


The film, which is bright and comical, aims to make young people aware of the dangers of smoking, and how while you may only live once, you have to live that life properly.


‘There seems to be this idea that because you live once, you can do whatever you want and it will not damage you,’ says Michelle.


‘But something like smoking can be very damaging, particularly if you are underage. Smoking is a bad habit which can cause lifelong health effects, and that is what we have tried to portray in our film.’


According to Cancer Research UK, 11% of children claim to be regular smokers – a practice which is not just dangerous but is illegal, as smoking is only permitted above the age of 16.


The Fixers are going to use the film during the course of their mentoring, and are also working with the Bexley Stop Smoking Service to promote their film.


Fixer Dominic adds: ‘We are really pleased with this film. The puppets were fantastic, and everyone did such a good job with this film. The feedback we have received so far has been very positive, and we cannot wait to get young people seeing our film.’


You can watch the film at the top of this article.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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