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Posted On: 17th May 2013

Curriculum for Life

Fixer Solomon Curtis
Solomon speaking to UK Youth Parliament members in the House of Commons
Solomon speaking to Theresa Phillips, principal of the local Hastings Academy

A young aspiring politician from South England is campaigning to change the curriculum schools teach in an effort to get young people learning valuable life skills.


Solomon Curtis (16), from Hastings, East Sussex, feels education across the UK is too focused on academic achievement and fails to teach subject matter which would better prepare young people for their futures.


Solomon believes that this focus on academic achievement not only sidelines creativity and individuality, but leaves young people without some key life skills as there is no focus in the curriculum on personal finance, politics, relationships, and employment.


Through his Fixers campaign, Solomon hopes for schools to change the topics they teach, and to encourage the education system across the country to better prepare young people for their lives as adults.


Solomon, who is the UK Youth Parliament Member for Hastings, Bexhill and Upper Rother, says: ‘As a high-achieving student, I was never valued for my creativity by my secondary school as the emphasis was solely on your academic performance.


‘It’s really important that young people are educated, but also engaged in areas such as politics, finance, sustainable living, and community cohesion. It is also important that young people know things such as their rights, so they can function in the political system.


‘Most of all, it is about providing a “curriculum for life”, and that the education in the UK evolves alongside the modernising economy.’


Solomon wants to create a resource with Fixers, which analyses the state of the education system, and puts forward ideas to change the curriculum.


He adds: ‘I hope to help young people feel better prepared for a changing and modern economy, and help youth become informed citizens rather than just being traditional academic achievers.’


Author: Ashley Scrace


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