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Posted On: 2nd May 2013

Underage Smoking Fix on ITV

Michelle (left) and Dominic (right)
A shot of the puppets in the film
Cigarettes in an ashtray

Two Fixers - concerned by the amount of underage smoking in their area - are creating a puppet-show film to combat the trend.


Their story was shown on ITV News London in May 2013.


Fixers Michelle Tiley (17) and Dominic Pimlott (16) mentor young people through Bexleyheath Youth Council and have noticed some of the young people they encounter start smoking - several as young as 11 years old.


The puppet-show film - targeted at 11 to 16-year-olds - delivers serious facts about the risks of smoking in a humorous and engaging manner.


Michelle explains: ‘Among young people, there is definitely a “yolo” [you only live once] attitude towards underage smoking.


‘They do not realise the effects smoking has on them. We hope that young people will realise how important life is.’


Fellow Fixer Dominic thinks this is because current anti-smoking campaigns do not target young people, and this is where they hope their project will excel.


‘Campaigns around smoking are mainly aimed at adults and the older generation,’ he says. ‘Through our Fixers project, we want to show that you do only live once, but you need to live it properly.’


According to Cancer Research UK, approximately 156,000 children between 11-15 years start smoking each year.


Also in the piece, the Fixers talk to Jo Woodvine from Bexley Stop Smoking Service about the effects of smoking on young lungs, and speak with underage smokers in their town to understand why they smoke.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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