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Posted On: 26th Apr 2013

Dangers of Internet Fame

Fixer Jade Weatherill
Dangers of Internet Fame
Fixer Jade Weatherill

A Fixer from Harrogate, who is worried young people are too ‘open’ online, wants to raise awareness about the dangers of seeking internet fame.


Jade Weatherill is concerned too many people are posting inappropriate pictures of themselves on social networking sites, just to get noticed.


The 17-year-old college student wants to educate young people about the possible pitfalls of putting up such photos online.


‘Things like Facebook are obviously good for keeping in touch with your loved ones, but it can have its drawbacks too,’ Jade explains.


‘I see so many people post the most offensive pictures of themselves just to get “Facebook Famous”.


‘But you don’t know who may be looking.


'What if a potential employer sees you? An outrageous picture is not going to leave the best impression.


‘Many people my age just want to get attention, not realising the dangers of doing that.’


With the help of Fixers, Jade wants to encourage young people to use social media responsibly and think twice about what they post on their Facebook account.


Jade, who is studying health and social care at college, thinks that many young people feel under pressure to be popular and noticed by their peers, and therefore use the internet as a way to gain attention and acceptance from others.


‘I think it comes from many youngsters being insecure about themselves and thinking that by being outrageous they will be “loved”,’ she explains.


‘I personally like to be careful on social networking sites like Facebook and never put anything compromising up.


‘It’s really bad how far some people are will to go these days to get attention. I’m not saying don’t use social networking sites but just to be careful and consider what you’re posting.


‘Hopefully, through my Fixers campaign, I hope to get this message across.’


Author: N. Farooq


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