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Posted On: 22nd Apr 2013

Fixers Capturing Homelessness

Suzy and the team of Fixers
Part of the filming
The team of Fixers

A team of South Wales Fixers, who are tackling misconceptions about homelessness, have completed filming their short piece which highlights the realities of homelessness.


The group of Fixers, led by Suzy Sorby (19), want to show that young people turn to the streets for many reasons, some of which are beyond their control.


Suzy and the team feel that homelessness is misunderstood in their county of Torfaen, and that the public often ignore it is a problem.


The film – entitled ‘A Home is Built with Love and Dreams’ – aims to encourage more sympathy and support for homeless people, rather than ignoring them.


Suzy explains: ‘Not all people choose to be homeless, and more often than not they become homeless due to changing circumstances.


‘What we wanted to show through this film is that when you are a child you build shelters from duvets, blankets, and pillows. But you never expect to do this as a homeless adult.


‘Homelessness in the area is misunderstood, as many people think that homeless people have “chosen” or “caused” their homelessness, when this is not always the case.’


Suzy and her fellow Fixers all work with the Bron Afon Community Housing Group which aims to provide affordable housing solutions to many people who may be facing homelessness.


‘I hope that through this film we can really show the reality of homelessness, and how it’s a tough life for homeless people’ says Suzy.


‘I’m really excited the filming is done and I cannot wait until our film is finished so we have the ability to change people’s perceptions about homelessness.’


Suzy and her group's Fixers film will be complete in May.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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