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Posted On: 22nd Apr 2013

Fostering Good Qualities

Nancy (left) and the Fixers creative team
One of the interviewees in the advert
Nancy being filmed for the advert

A young woman from Kent, who was fostered from 18 months old until her teens, has completed filming for her alternative advertising campaign, which aims to show the realities of foster care.


Nancy Jones (21), from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, hopes her interactive web advert encourages only the most serious people to become foster care applicants by highlighting how being a foster parent changes your life, and the life of the fostered child.


Nancy believes that many advertising campaigns emphasise how fostering can be financially beneficial, but they do not always show the positive and negative realities fostering can bring.


Her advert will feature a house with each window containing a short interview of someone involved in the foster care system.


Nancy explains: ‘The idea behind this advert is to show the realities of fostering – the good and the bad.


‘I remember seeing an advertising campaign to become a foster carer and the first thing which was mentioned was the financial rewards. There was no mention of the children and how fostering will change your life, and theirs too.


‘I hope that by using the stories of young people, professionals, and foster carers, this advert can be a resource which gives people a better idea of fostering and what it can do.’


Providing assistance with the advert was Sittingbourne (Kent) based fostering agency Xcel2000, who were so impressed with Nancy’s Fix that they have offered her a job as an Advertisement and Recruitment Consultant.


‘Since coming to Fixers, my message has really taken off. It has given me a platform to be heard and help prospective foster carers fully understand the fostering process.’


The advert is currently being edited and will be finished in May.

Author: Ashley Scrace


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