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Posted On: 17th Apr 2013

Creative Community Spirit

Fixers talking with Fixers producer
(Left to Right) Fixers Abbie Rear, Paigh Atlinson and Nathan Rumney

A group of Fixers from Wigton, Cumbria, who think young people get negatively stereotyped by society, are creating a piece of community artwork to bring people of all ages together.


The collective, who are all members of The Youth Station group plan to have a sun sculpture built and have the town put their stamp on the ‘rays’ to represent unity and tolerance of all people.


The group came up with the idea of a sun, as it’s a bright, happy symbol which is universal.


The art will be made from metal and eventually displayed at the event that they are organizing in August – Something for The Summer (SFTS) – as well as other festivals and events in the summer.


Lead Fixer Nathan Rumney (16) thinks the artwork is a great way of bringing people together.


‘We want to change the negative perceptions a lot of people in our town seem to have of young people, because a lot of residents seem to think young people just get into trouble, drink on the streets and are bad mannered,’ Nathan explains.


‘We are not like this and actually do a lot of positive things within our community, which we feel local residents are not aware of.


‘We hope to improve people's opinions of young people so that the whole community can get along and communicate better with each other.


The middle of the sun would be decorated and personalised by the Youth Station as a whole, so that people know where it has come from.


The centre of the piece will be dome-shaped and made from metal bands covered in sheet metal, which can be painted.


The rays of the sun sculpture would have a 3D pyramid-like frame that could then be personalised with different materials.


‘When we have done community engagement events like this in the past, it has worked for the day, bringing the community together, but then it goes back to how it was before,’ Nathan explains.


‘Maybe this will be a more permanent reminder of how we can all get along.’


Author: N. Farooq


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