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Posted On: 15th Apr 2013

Keeping Memory Loss in Mind

Shauna speaking with YPC Jenny
Shauna reading information in a book

For Fixer Shauna Leigh-Pugh memory loss is a frightening reality – one which occurs frequently during her life.


While most of us have momentarily have forgotten someone’s name or what we were about say, Shauna (18) has amnesia and at times cannot recount where she has been, what she was doing, or who her family is.

Shauna - from Hengoed, South Wales - first experienced memory loss in March 2012, waking up and not knowing who her parents were.

Ever since, Shauna experiences episodes of amnesia every few weeks, usually at random times.

Despite seeking medical help for the memory loss, doctors have been unable to identify the cause of the condition so far.

Shauna explains: ‘On good days, I feel like any “normal” teenager and can do anything I want to do. But then on these bad days, I feel frustrated, will shout at my family and friends, because I’m just fed up of the time I’ve lost.’

Shauna hopes to gain employment with the police, but is fearful her condition will prevent this. But through her Fixers project, she hopes she can begin to start tackling the amnesia while making people aware of the condition in the process.

Through a poster campaign, Shauna wants to offer support to others who may have her condition, or any other misunderstood illnesses, to show that they are not alone.

‘It is difficult for people to understand my condition, but it does not stop me trying to get on with my life,’ says Shauna.

‘But I am not treated as a 'normal' young person anymore, and I fear others with the condition are not understood either.


'Through my Fix, I hope to bring together memory loss sufferers, give them hope, and show exactly how the condition affects my life and the life of my family and friends.’


Author: Ashley Scrace


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