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Posted On: 27th Mar 2013

The Stories Behind Strokes

Becky's stroke means she has to exercise regularly
Becky talks with producers about her Fixers project
The Stories Behind Strokes

A Fixer, who says she’s lucky to be alive, is collaborating with other stroke survivors like herself to retell their experiences in a creative way.


Becky Beaumont was only 21 years old when she had a stroke and now she’s teaming up with others like her to share their stories through words and pictures.


Speaking about her Fixers project, the 22-year-old says: ‘I’m very excited about the project; it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.


‘Not many people associate strokes with young people. Getting lots of young people to talk about their experiences would be a great way of educating others too.’


After going to a pub quiz with friends about 18 months ago, Becky went home to bed at 11:30 pm with no signs of illness.


When she woke the next morning and reached for her phone, she couldn’t move the whole of the left side of her body.


After her stroke, Becky was unable to walk.


Now she can manage about 20 minutes before she gets too tired to carry on. 


She also suffers from chronic fatigue, and has restricted movement in her left arm and hand.


As a keen writer/blogger, Becky wants to show there’s life after stroke by encouraging others in her position to talk about their experiences.


'Before this happened to me, I was kind of my own boss and did everything I wanted to — you think you’re invincible at that age.


'This has changed my life. But by asking people to share their experiences I want to show there is life after stroke.


‘I was lucky and I feel that I need to do something to raise awareness.


‘When I had my stroke, I found writing about it made me feel better and that's what I want others to do.


‘So I think the more people that talk about what happened to them, the better it will help raise awareness around the condition.’

Author: N. Farooq


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