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Posted On: 8th Apr 2013

Body Image on ITV Border

Sam Matthews and his team of Fixers
The team of Fixers
The group being filmed for their TV news story

Beauty isn’t everything according to a group of Fixers from Peebles, who are hoping to inspire teenagers to be happy in their own skin.


The collective, aged 16 to 18, are concerned people focus too heavily on appearance and want young people to realise there are other important things in life that can make you happy.


The group, who surveyed 13 to 14-year-olds at their high school, found that some girls take up to two hours to get ready in the morning, while boys as young as 13 are drinking protein shakes.


Lead Fixer Samuel Mathews (16) explains: ‘What we want to do is inspire young people like ourselves to be comfortable with the way they look.


‘There is nothing wrong with making an effort but there is a difference when people take their appearance too far.


‘It seems lots of young people link appearance to happiness.


'So, if they don't feel they look right, they think they can't be happy.


‘We would like to encourage people to care less about their looks so that they can appreciate happiness from other areas of their lives.


‘It’s important to remind young people to think more positively about themselves.’


The group of Fixers want to create a booklet or interactive learning video that can be used to educate teenagers about body image and address peer pressure. 


‘We think this is a really important issue and one that affects many people our age,’ says Samuel.


‘Working with Fixers will hopefully give us that platform to really make a change.’


samuel's project was supported by the Wellcome Trust.


Author: N. Farooq


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