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Posted On: 15th Mar 2013

Exploring New Frontiers

Jessie speaking to camera
Jessie speaking at an event in Cardiff

An avid explorer from Bristol is creating a short-film to give information to young people about how they can enrich their lives with foreign travel.


Jessie Saul (19) is concerned many young people searching for jobs or planning their next step from education are missing out on a range of youth exchange opportunities overseas.


She thinks disadvantaged young people are excluded from these programs as they often do not have access to information provided by youth exchange services.


Jessie, who studies at Newport University in Wales, says exchange programmes have helped her understand different cultures.


She also adds that foreign travel has helped her develop personally.


‘These programmes can enrich our experience of other cultures and people from other countries. They can also help to break down barriers such as ignorance, intolerance, racism, and can encourage social cohesion.


‘Therefore, if more information was circulated and a programme was put together by young people to encourage this multi-cultural participation, then more young people could benefit from these great opportunities.


'I know it is difficult for young people to access such schemes and opportunities, and I want to stop the barriers. I want to dispel the myths of "I can't afford to go to another country" or "I'm not old enough", and this is what I aim to do through the film.'


Jessie’s film is currently in the production stages and will be completed in April.

Author: Ashley Scrace


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