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Posted On: 19th Feb 2013

Tuning Troubled Love

Jonny Lennox singing and playing guitar
Photo of Jonny Lennox

A singer is using his musical skills to send a message through song that will resonate with women who find themselves in abusive relationships.


Jonny Lennox of Mid-Ulster, Northern Ireland, wants to create an audio track to raise awareness and get more help to women who feel ‘trapped’ by their partners.


The 24-year-old says a couple of his friends went through particularly abusive relationships and now he wants to make a change through music.


Speaking about his ambition, he explains: ‘I know a couple folk that it has happened to, and it's something that really touched me.’


Jonny has been singing for around two years but was inspired to do something about this issue after watching some Fixers’ videos.


‘I am aware that it is an issue for a number of women - some who didn't even realise that their partner was abusive. Many felt that staying in the relationship was easier than leaving.


‘The aim is to let them know that such relationships are not normal, that there is help out there, and finally that getting out of such relationships is possible and they can do it.’


Jonny realises change doesn’t happen overnight but is optimistic about the possibilities.


He adds: 'If I can help at least one person, I’ll be happy. Because that’s better than doing nothing at all.'

Author: N. Farooq


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