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Posted On: 19th Feb 2013

Honing in on Homelessness

Lead Fixer Suzy Sorby with her thumbs up
A whiteboard which has a lot of black writing on it, showing the ideas of the group
The group at the homeless housing centre hosting their sleep out

A team of Fixers from South Wales want to give the public a glimpse into life on the streets to create greater understanding of homelessness in the area of Torfaen.


The team, who work with the Bron Afon Community Housing group, encounter many homeless young people every day who have turned to the streets for a variety of reasons.


Despite the circumstances leading to homelessness often being beyond the control of the young people, the group feel the public do not understand the reasons why people become homeless, how hard it is to live on the street, and how tough it is to go through sheltered accommodation before finding a home.


Lead Fixer Suzy Sorby (19), from Cwmbran, who is vice-chair of the youth forum at the Bron Afon community housing group, thinks the struggles faced by homeless people are not focused on, leading to many misinformed views about them.


She explains: ‘Many of these homeless people have nothing. Through my work we have been encouraging people to provide equipment for homeless people, but even this is tough.’


‘We have been on “sleep outs” before to get people experiencing homelessness and to get people thinking about it, but homelessness is tougher than that. I hope we can show what a strain it places on someone, and how difficult it can be to return to a “normal” life.’


Currently Suzy and her team are holding workshops in their area to determine what resource would best benefit the public and those who are homeless to overcome these misconceptions.

Author: Ashley Scrace


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