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Posted On: 18th Feb 2013

Free Running: A Leap of Faith

Christian with a couple of the group members
Flying High
Alex demonstrates his skills

Balancing, jumping and climbing - a group of energetic young men from Carlisle are going to all lengths to show the benefits of free running and hoping to engage the community through their live event.


Lead Fixer Christian and his friends are bringing their action-packed pastime to the public in an effort to raise the profile of this outdoor phenomenon and break down any prejudices that may exist regarding the activity.


The 18-year-old says he often gets a negative reaction from the public when free running from many who think he’s up to no good.


Originally starting in France, free running has grown in popularity and basically involves people aiming to move from one place to another on their feet, negotiating the obstacles in between as quickly as possible.


The event will focus on the group’s campaign to open the minds of those who disapprove of free running.



In doing so, they hope it will help develop facilities and resources for young people to practice the sport safely and sensibly.


The group – who are all members at the local Youth Zone – also hope the live demonstration will encourage others to show an interest in free running.


Speaking about his passion, Christian explains: “It’s not only fun, we think it could actually be good for you, too.


“There are people out there who look at us as if we’re doing something wrong, but it’s not true.

“With the help of Fixers we want to produce something great so that people will stand up and pay attention.”


In addition to showcasing the group’s fancy footwork and free-running moves, the event will focus on demonstrating the skills required to become a good free runner as well as showing how accessible it is for beginners.

Author: N. Farooq


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