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Posted On: 5th Feb 2013

Bullying Film on ITV

Bullying Film on ITV
Bullying Film on ITV
Bullying Film on ITV

A Leeds Fixer is using his own experience of being bullied at school as the basis of a film, which he hopes will discourage others from bullying, and getting celebrity support for his efforts in the process. 


Aspiring actor Curtis Boylan (19) suffered brain damaged in a car accident when he was three years old, causing him to walk with a limp.


The victim of bullying throughout his school life, Curtis now wants to make a film based on his own experiences with the aim of stopping bullying behaviour.


“This shouldn’t happen to other young people. I want to show my film to people who may become bullies and show them what they can actually do to someone,” Curtis explains.


“I also want the film to highlight the effects of being bullied to friends and families of young victims so they can see the warning signs as young people won't always admit to being bullied.”


Soap star Gaynor Faye empathises with Curtis as she herself was bullied at school.


“The worst one was the high school. On my first day there was a group of girls and they sat on the wall as we were walking through the gate, deciding who they were going to pick on.


“They literally made my life a misery for three years through school.


“When it comes to bullying, you can either sink or swim. You can either be the victim or you can be the bullied and overcome it while at the same time becoming stronger.


“I found acting really helped — you can become someone else."


Curtis, who is currently studying performing arts at college, hopes his film will make a real difference in raising awareness about the effects of bullying on victims, which include becoming withdrawn and having low self-confidence.


“I want to create a film so powerful that it stops people judging a book by its cover like many people used to judge me.


“People think that just because you are not quite the same as everyone else that you are somehow worthless and can’t do anything.


“The bullying and name-calling I used to get at school really got to me; sometimes I would cry myself to sleep.


“I now want to help others who are in the same position I was.”

Author: N. Farooq


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