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Posted On: 28th Dec 2012

Healing Old Wounds

Healing Old Wounds
Healing Old Wounds
Healing Old Wounds

A Fixer from Leicester is hoping to educate people about self harming.


Natalie Brown (17) wants to break the typical “cutter” stereotypes associated with self- harming after she herself has gone through it.


She has made huge progress with her battle against it since leaving school and feels this project would help her to accept the problems and move forward with her life.


Natalie is a creative media student at Leicester College and was self-harming since the age of nine.


School made her feel singled out and she didn’t really have many friends.


For this reason she didn’t attend all that regularly and teachers never picked up on the signs.

She has also grown up with a heart condition from a very young age and this has contributed to her self-harming.


"I really want to change how people look at self harm and understand it better because there are a lot of negative stereotypes around it," she said.


"We need to help people who are going through it and pick up on the signs much earlier.


"I think doing the project will help me as well.


“A lot of people associate Emo’s as self-harmers because of the way they dress and look when this is not necessarily the case.”

Working with Fixers she hopes to create a photography exhibition to get her message across.


Pictured is Natalie herself holding a pair of scissors to her hair showing there is more to life than self harm, and a group of friends illustrating the fact that ordinary people can be affected by self harm.

Author: N. Farooq


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