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Posted On: 11th Jan 2013

Young Drivers Take Care

Toy ambulance attending scene of the accident
Toy motorbike being knocked over by toy car
Disabled toy showing effects of the crash

Jennifer, 20, was a passenger on the bike when they collided with a bus after pulling away from a junction in Brighton in February 2012.


Laurence died at the scene and Jennifer suffered multiple injuries. Since the accident, Jennifer has wanted to improve safety on the roads.


“Laurence always had big ideas to change the roads and help make them safer, so I started ‘The Laurence Law’ in his name to promote road safety,” Jennifer said.


After contacting Fixers, she now has a film to help get that message across.


The short video helps to show people that safety and awareness on the roads is not a game. The film focuses on a young child playing with his toys – a Playmobil motorcyclist and a car.


In what seems to be an innocent action, the Playmobil motorcyclist is hit side on by a careless driver. Yet whilst it may only be a young boy playing with his toys, it makes the point that these incidents happen on the roads too. Road safety is not a game.


Jennifer hopes the film can be used as a tool to promote education of safe road use, so that young people can benefit from the important advice and first-hand experience that she has to offer.


“I do not want to put people off using the roads. I just want people to be aware of the dangers. If I can get my story out, I really believe I can encourage people to be safe to stop tragic events like this.”


Author: Ashley Scrace


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