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Posted On: 3rd Oct 2012

Jade's anti-Cannabis Campaign on ITV

Jade's anti-Cannabis Campaign on ITV
Jade's anti-Cannabis Campaign on ITV
Jade's anti-Cannabis Campaign on ITV

A young woman from Poole has become a Fixer to make a film warning about the dangers of cannabis abuse after she regularly used the drug in her teenage years.


Jade Clement, 16, began smoking cannabis at the age of 13, and was using the drug regularly by the time she turned 16.


Now completely drug free, Jade wants to encourage young people to stay away from cannabis, even though it seems like something that is easy and fun to try.


“I don’t want anybody going through what I went through,” she said. “Cannabis turned me into a monster. I was selfish, paranoid, and ultimately hurting the people I love and who love me.”


Jade gave up cannabis after her mother accidently discovered that Jade was meeting with a local drug dealer on a regular basis to buy cannabis.


“When my mum found out, it hit me that I must give up,” said Jade. “I was stealing money from her, distancing myself from her, and just destroying my relationship with her. I had already lost my friends, and it looked like I was losing my mum too.”


Now Jade hopes to take her film across Poole, giving talks and workshops to groups of young people who may be exposed to cannabis.


“If I could put just one person off trying cannabis, then I will have done my job,” said Jade. “It is quite an easy drug to get hold of, but that does not mean the effects are easy to deal with.”


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