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Posted On: 1st Aug 2012

Upcoming Film for Fixer

Upcoming Film for Fixer

Award-winning Fixer Graeme Croton (27*) from Birmingham launched his Asperger’s website in 2011, and is now going on to produce a documentary about his experience with Asperger’s.


The documentary is currently being filmed and has attracted praise from some big voices, including a big name Actor/Director who has offered to narrate the film (but Graeme is keeping the identity a closely guarded secret!)


The fly-on-the-wall film will focus on the lives of two people with Asperger’s – one from a poor background, one from an upper-class family. Graeme aims to show just how the condition can affect not just the lives of those with Asperger’s, but the lives of those around them, and how greater awareness of the condition can lead to greater understanding of those who live with it.


“There are so many misconceptions about Asperger’s,” said Graeme. “What I want to do is make people not just aware of the problem, but give confidence to those with Asperger’s, to make them break out of their bubbles and change their lives.”


As part of the filming, two members of the Great British Ice Hockey team have volunteered their acting skills for the shoot. Also, football club Aston Villa FC have given Graeme permission to use their ground, Villa Park, as the premiere venue once the film is complete.


“We’re in the early stages at the minute,” said Graeme. “But the project is really gaining steam. I hope the film will launch Asperger’s awareness to a whole new audience.”


Through 2011, Graeme designed and built a website dedicated to people with Asperger’s. With the help of Fixers, the site, www.projectaspie.com, launched in May 2011 at a prestigious launch party in Birmingham, and tries to get fellow “Aspies” (Graeme’s affectionate term for other people with Asperger’s Syndrome) to share their experiences and offer support.


“I’ve secured my place heading a focus group for young people with Asperger’s with Birmingham City Council”, he says, “I’ve been in the local press and appeared in an NHS Choices film called Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’m doing lots of talks for the NHS to parents and carers as well as to young Aspies. And I’ve won four awards in five months: a V Award, Prince’s Trust Award, Unlimited Award and a Think Big Award.”


But this, Graeme has always said, is just the tip of the iceberg: “My long-term plan is to go all over the country to promote Project Aspie.


"I want to show people just how Asperger's affects lives, and how people with the condition can still go on to do extraordinary things. I hope this is what I can show with the film."


Graeme has also been approached by a Northern Irish TV production company who are interested in his story. “What I really want”, he says, “is to be a TV personality. I’d like to help people like Gok Wan does. I want to help young Aspies to achieve their dreams.” 


Graeme’s documentary is set to be completed in early 2013.


* All Fixers are between 16 and 25 when they begin their projects, although some outgrow this age range whilst working with us.


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