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Posted On: 5th Aug 2019

Fixers Legacy

Fixers Legacy

We thought it would be helpful to outline the work the trustees and senior management team are doing to find an appropriate charitable home for assets held by Fixers.


Over some years the Fixers model enabled young people to go on amazing journeys and as a result, produced some important media assets. 


The Board has been in touch with many people and remains open to talking to anyone to hear new ideas as we undertake the difficult process of deciding how to best safeguard the Fixers legacy.


We ask anyone familiar with Fixers and who would like to express their ideas to make contact with us as we make our decisions.


Following the public announcement in May about the charity’s future we have explored multiple different options for securing a home for our resources. These discussions include speaking to our current funders and staff. We have already received approaches from a number of interested organisations.


Options for the future include re-housing assets in other charities with similar aims; keeping the website going and keeping the YouTube channel going. A mechanism has also been created to hand resources back to young people over a fixed time period.


All of these proposals require us to seek the active consent from young people before any action can be taken. These are charitable assets, created by young people and we must and will ensure beneficiaries feel comfortable with and give their consent to the resources being relocated.


This is a difficult and sad process but we are committed to getting it right. In line with the highest level of good governance, the Board has developed a set of criteria against which each proposal will be assessed. The proposal must come from a charity or other not-for-profit organisation with independent governance, to be considered.


Criteria for assessment are:

1)      Active safeguarding capacity

2)      Financial capacity

3)      Active consent from individuals

4)      A plan for archiving or deleting data

5)      Future social change capacity

6)      Integrity of the Fixers story 

7)      Ability for Fixers to implement the plan


We want as much of the impactful work as possible to live on, with the consent of young people and in a way that maintains the spirit and ethos of the whole Fixers enterprise.


Funding has recently been secured to help finance this work, and we are extremely grateful to the organisations who are working alongside us to find a solution that is best for the young people. We would also like to thank our funders for their continued understanding and support.


If you are a former Fixer and would like to make contact directly, we would like to speak to you. Please contact us on communications@fixers.org.uk

Author: Lucy Tatchell


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